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When you've explained what you do, it's frustrating when prospects and investors don't see your value

People aren't listening to you. They don't seem to care what you say or write. You hear the same questions again and again. No-one seems to understand the value you bring...

When you know what you offer is amazing, something must be wrong. But the question is, what'? And how do you fix it?

You know exactly what I mean...

  • You talk with prospects, but they never return your messages
  • You invest a fortune on your website, but no-one registers
  • You pitch your idea to investors, but they don't seem to care
  • You spend money on ads and social media, but get no leads
You've tried to educate yourself, but applying it to your business never seems to work. You are certain that a business coach or Story Brand guide would be able to help you, but you don't have the time or money.

You should never have to go unheard or misunderstood

Get the answers you need at a price you can afford by enrolling in the coaching group. When you join the Authentic Engagement community you get...

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So, who am I?

Fifteen years ago the company I was with at the time closed the regional office I was working in. Having recently moved to a new country and unable to speak the local language the prospects of finding a new job seemed remote. 

So, I took my years of corporate marketing knowledge and founded Demodia, my digital marketing agency.  Through the use of storytelling, I grew this into a 7-figure business, and I now use what I learned to coach other business owners.

I'm Simon Harvey. I've helped well-known brands such as OpenText, SAP, and PwC with their digital marketing strategy and operations. And I've supported successful small businesses that now generate millions in revenue.

I believe everyone should be able to promote what they do in a clear and compelling way.

As a fellow business owner, I want to see you succeed. I urge you not to waste any more money and on tactics that aren't working. For less than the cost of a coffee a day, you can join me in the Authentic Engagement community and I'll help your business to establish itself and grow.


Stop chasing prospects and grow an audience that wants to listen to you

You are not the only person trying to get their message out; struggling to be heard and understood.

Picture a place where small business leaders, like yourself, get assistance from an expert coach and other business owners who have been through the same challenge.

Imagine having the answers you need and the confidence to inspire your own audience. Prospects that want to talk with you, a website that grows your business, and no more wasted marketing expenses.

Get the answers to your questions at a price you can afford.

Join the Authentic Engagement business coaching community now.

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Grow your business

With the confidence to communicate clearly and the answers you need unstick your business, watch your audience engage and your pipeline begin to grow.

Here's what people say when they work with me

Chris Geissler
I have worked with Simon and his team on several projects. He brings a depth of strategies and solutions that addressed our organization’s needs and aspirations. Further, where we lacked resources, his team steps in to ensure success. 
Greg Hocamp
Simon has provided sound advice on our marketing efforts, helping us focus on how to create key content elements using brand scripts, lead magnets, and storytelling for our social and email campaigns. We are truly grateful to have the support of Simon and his talented team!
Neil Wilson
I’ve worked with Simon since the company was founded. Simon understands my business and offers practical and innovative ways to increase lead flow and close more deals. If you are looking for a coach to take your ideas and make them real - look no further.
Brittany Kneller
Simon and his team have developed a unique process to clarify a company's message. I have been very impressed with the strategies they've used. Working with Demodia has made me a better marketer and helped my company refine our sales offerings.
Peter Lalonde
Simon is a true professional and marketing leader for enterprise software and more. I had the pleasure of working with Simon multiple times and completely trust him to drive business forward. 
Joe Stewart
I've relied on Simon to advise, assist, and execute our marketing plan across all of our digital channels. The outcomes have been excellent (e.g. consistent first page Google results, prospects understand our web site) and they are due to his efforts.

These are some of the common questions I get

When are your group sessions?
Community calls are held every second Wednesday at 16:00 CET (10am US Eastern Time)
Are sessions recorded?
Yes, each session is recorded and is available around 24 hours later for others to listen to.
Is this session private?
This is a community coaching group. If you would like a private session, I also offer 1:1 coaching.
How can I submit a question?
48 hours before each call, members will be sent a registration email to confirm their attendance and submit any questions.
What questions can I ask?
Whatever you like. Running your business, communicating value, growing your sales; its up to you, just ask...
Is there a set agenda?
The calls have no fixed agenda. The topics and discussion are driven by attendee questions.
Can I message you on Slack?
Questions should be posted in the group channels. Direct messages are reserved for private coaching clients.
What about timezones?
If you're unable to join, I will answer your question and you can listen to the recording when convenient.

Startup leaders and small business owners trust me

I coach leaders from some of the world's most authentic small businesses. Join us now.