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An ineffective marketing plan is slowing your growth

Without clear leadership and a plan for customer engagement, this is what happens…
  • Random acts of marketing waste your precious money
  • You neglect organic growth and focus too much on paid leads
  • Your customers get confused by your mixed messages
  • You fail to focus on your niche and waste effort trying to reach everyone
  • You invest in sales and marketing technologies that you don't work for you

I don't want that to happen to you. So I'll coach you on a sales and marketing plan that works for numerous businesses worldwide, and it will work for you too.


The coaching plan that we'll follow

These are the six areas of your sales and marketing that need your focus in order to communicate clearly, generate new customers, and scale your business.

A customer engagement plan

A proven sales and marketing plan followed by entrepreneurs and startups worldwide.

Messaging that is understood

Story-based communications that explain the problem you solve in a way prospects understand.

Processes for managing your data

Operational processes and technology that give structure to your customer data and automate activities.

A website that collects leads

A clear online presence that attracts organic visitors and captures new leads.

A way to grow your pipeline 

An integrated campaign plan that generates demand and engages prospects wherever they hang out.

A sales funnel to nurture prospects

Nurture programmes to guide customers through their personal buying journey and close sales.

I highly recommend Simon and his team at Demodia.

They used an effective process to identify our current gaps and create a roadmap to increase the maturity of our digital marketing efforts. Working with Demodia has been exceptionally productive.

Monte Brookshier
CEO, CRI Advantage

Your time and money are too valuable to waste on ineffective marketing

As a small business leader, you shouldn't have to waste your time trying to create a sales and marketing programme when there's already a way that works.

The Authentic Engagement Playbook is a personal coaching programme for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to grow their business revenues and scale their companies.

Your investment is just
£950 per month

Get to know each other

Schedule a FREE introductory call to get to know one another. I will explain the coaching programme and review your goals.

Regular 1:1 coaching

I will coach you through your company growth plan, giving you practical advice and explicit actions that you can easily implement.

Watch your revenue grow

By following a proven plan, your time and money will be spent more wisely and your business will grow.

Ineffective marketing is wasting your money

Most small businesses waste vast amounts of time and money on marketing that doesn't work because they don't know better.

To find out where your business leaks money, answer these few simple questions.


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"We have been working with Simon and his team for almost nine years and are very grateful and happy for their professional and friendly support. The team always responds very quickly and provides timely support in case of problems or questions."

Ina Scharfen

"We chose to work with Simon almost two years ago because his multidisciplinary team could support us in the planning and implementation of our marketing strategy. This  enabled us to make a real step forward with our exposure and lead generation."

Olivier Moll

"I've relied on Simon to advise, assist, and execute our marketing plan across all of our digital channels. The outcomes have been excellent (e.g. consistent first page Google results, prospects understanding our website), and they are due to his guideance."

Joe Stewart